Brand Story – ADDAM


ADDAM is a sophisticated men’s fashion brand, which combines the classical forms and the functionalism search of contemporary men. In spite of being a brand which takes its form through trends, ADDAM presents its creative ideas which is gained through the cult forms and creates its own ADDAM by promoting men’s lifestyles as far as their styles, in its own rules, original ideas and projects.

Coming out as an idea to be developed in 2015, the brand is actualized in 2018 by Şevval Ateş and the brand’s creative director Ahmet Baytar, who were also worked together earlier while establishing Turkish Footwear and Accessories Designers Association (TAATB), as carrying their friendship to the next level—partnership.

ADDAM provides dynamic and self-confident creations for avant-garde men who manage to steal the spotlight with their attitudes as well as their success in business life, while keeping their connections with the past.

Brand Philosophy

“Be bold, no compromises!”

Created and manufactured in Istanbul, ADDAM is inspired by the stars of cult movies and the icons who had their names written in history. With the motto of “Be bold, no compromises!”, the brand highlights their aim of creating assertive designs and drawing attention to oneself through the key style pieces.

Şevval and Ahmet believe that style is one of the easiest ways of expressing the inner self; so they design each piece to be personalized according to one’s color and material choices.

ADDAM’s target audience group can be described as a group of men from every age, who form their own style by staying independent from the trends, and put dynamism in the center of their lives.

Brand Orientation

ADDAM is both a men’s footwear and leather goods brand, that creates surprising collections and makes previously unforeseen collaborations, and provides a guide to one’s lifestyle.

Product Orientation

ADDAM creates the ideal products, both for health and comfort, by using high quality leather that breaths as a living organism. By producing shoes from 26 to 52, ADDAM creates solutions for plus or small sizes.